Friday, May 17, 2013

The Angelina Effect

Angelina Jolie prior to the surgery.. showing off!!!
In what is being seen as the most brutal attack on mankind, Angelina Jolie has got rid of vital body parts. Mankind is shattered and is in a state of shock.

We all know that Angelina has been a source of inspiration for many activities.

There have been varied reactions across India. Protestors have taken to the street. They have burnt effigies of the doctor who carried out this procedure.

Shri Ram sene leader, Pramod Mutha-lick and his stupid followers see this as a insult to Hindu culture. They feel this vital part is sacred to Hindu culture and the same is reflected in all carvings of our temples. 

Pramod Muthalik demonstrating the mode of grabbing at women
They were seen running around streets of Bangalore trying to grab at women on the road. Their organization has given a statement that this is to check and punish any Indian women who may have done similar acts. Being rightful protectors of Hindu culture, they want to protect the essential parts of Hindu womanhood.

Mutha-lick even appeared on a popular news channel condemning this act. He mentioned that he and his followers are finding it difficult to salivate ever since they have heard this news. The effect was quite visible on TV. He was not drooling and did not need any Pink Chaddi to dry himself.

A public interest litigation has been filed in the magistrate court by Staneshwar Kumar Seena, on behalf of an organization called Self-help group. He has demanded that these prized assets be immediately reinstated. 

As expected, Arundathi Roy has again reacted against normal public perception. She is always known to have a perception which is exact opposite of Indian public. She has praised Angelina for what she calls an exemplary act of bravery. She has even advised all women in Delhi to follow the footsteps of Angelina. As per Ms Roy, this is likely to reduce the number of rapes in Delhi.

Public outrage

Meanwhile, there have been widespread protests across the country. Many organizations have expressed their anger at this ghastly act. One such organization “MILK Foundation (Masters in Libido killing)” has demanded that the excised body part be handed over to them. They are considering building a temple. This as per MILK would become a pilgrimage haven.

All in all, the Angelina Effect has kicked up quite a storm. This refuses to die down.