Friday, May 13, 2011


At 55, Amar Singh is a very popular person. There are not many days when he is off TV. Currently, there is a lot of hooplaah around he having dirty talk with Bipasha Basu. I had to actually clean my ears with a toilet plunger after soaking it for half an hour with pine fragranced Domex (which by the by had 25% extra due to some promotional offer) to ensure that I was hearing right. Media screamed at the loudest possible voice, Bipasha had dirty talk with Amar Singh.

Ever since she walked out of that beach in Jism, Bipasha has been many a young man’s reason for extended stay in toilet. For years, she has kept a young man’s company behind locked doors to and helped them keep their reproductive system serviced and ready for action. It’s hard to keep count of the hundreds of litres of ‘Reproductive Grade’ fluid that could have gone waste. With all the fitness videos, she has taken the oomph factor to a whole new level. 

Bipasha is not the kind of person who would turn to Amar Singh for ‘action’ especially when she has/had access to one of the hottest body in India. Man to Man, John Abraham may not have the same shiny forehead as Amar Singh, but he definitely had the posterior most desired by most women and some men. He may not have the prosperity belly as Amar Singh but he has 6 packs. He may not have the famous Amar Singh grin but he has a good smile (some women had wonderful comments about him on Karan Johar’s Koffee show).

John could possibly secrete more testosterone than the amount of saliva Amar Singh produces.

For all those, hollow souls who have been linking Bipasha into this, here is the clarification. It is not Bipasha, its DIPASHA. A google seach quickly throws out pictures of this lovely lady who is looking for some action. You should hear the bitchy laugh to believe it.

Listen to the conversation and enjoy the transcript (minor translation at 2-3 places for the benefit of )

Amar: Hello. 
Dipasha: : (Sing song voice)…Haallloooo…
Amar: : Hello…
Dipasha: : (Sing song voice) Hi…how are you…?
Amar: : (Happy sing song voice) I am fine.
Dipasha: : How've you been? We are talking after a long time right? 
Amar: : Yes…
Dipasha: : You've been busy or something? 
Amar: : Kaun…Dip…
Dipasha: : Dipasha…Dipasha…ya…I saw you twice at that award function…ha ha ha
Amar: : Really? 
Dipasha: : So tell me…when are you meeting me? 
Amar: : Where do you want to meet baby? I have been very busy. 
Dipasha: : You busy? 
Amar: : It is very tough. 
Dipasha: : It is very tough…ha ha ha…OK. 
Amar: : But I will make some time. 
Dipasha: : OK sweetie…
Amar: : Very nice of you to have remembered me. 
Dipasha: : (Laughs) I toh always remember you. 
Amar: : An old man like me. 
Dipasha: : Sorry…
Amar: : An old fossil like me…
Dipasha: : Old fossil like you…
Amar: : ya ya…
Dipasha: : I don't think age really matters… Does it? 
Amar: : It matters between the legs na? 
Dipasha: : (Bursts out laughing) Oh God…ha ha ha ha…all right then…you try removing time now…
it's been almost a month now I've not met…
Amar: : Ya we will meet. 
Dipasha: : OK… Right, keep in touch. Bye… 
Dipasha may not be having a flourishing career in acting but she surely seems to be building the right kind of contacts. But Amar Singhji your prem katha will be AMAR for ever. 

But don't you worry, "Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna..."

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